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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the practice of understanding how people organize their thinking, feeling, language and behavior to produce the results they do. NLP provides people with a methodology to model outstanding performances achieved by geniuses and leaders in their field.

While much of human behavior is comprised of conscious activities, an even larger amount of behaviors are automatic – i.e., not in conscious awareness. For example – we are never consciously aware of how we understand a language that we know. We JUST know. Needless to say, most of peoples’ lives are in the influence of own and others’ automatic behaviors, usually without conscious awareness of the same.

Few people have the understanding of how these automatic behaviors are formed. Even fewer know how to make the most of the existing useful automatic behaviors and even fewer know how to consciously construct more useful automatic behaviors so that their lives and of those around them become that much more fruitful and more enriching.

NLP is a technology that allows you to determine how the human thought processes are organized, experienced and manifested into automatic behaviors and thereby leading to mechanisms which allow the thought processes, experience and behaviors to be consciously designed and changed.

Over the course of history, NLP has found applications not only in psychotherapy & counseling, but also includes (to name a few) Sales, Business, Inter-personal relations, Parenting, Performance Coaching for Sportsmen, Corporate Executives as well as Military personnel.

What You Will Learn In This NLP Practitioner Certification Training?
Understanding How Thinking Works
A deep understanding of how the human thinking process works & how perceptions are formed from reality
Insights to how these perceptions are represented in the mind
Develop super sharp skills to observe people & determine how their perceptions are represented in their mind
Generate insights into the power of beliefs & not just actions, in producing results
A powerful set of beliefs which when you adopt, enables you to connect deeply with people from diverse backgrounds & having beliefs & values very different from your own
Tools & techniques to instantly establish rapport & comfort in any interaction
A very detailed & powerful goal setting process which goes beyond traditional goal setting methods & enables you to delve into the motivations & beliefs that drive the goals being set

Understand & Change Perceptions Using Language
Recognize the various ways in which language & vocabulary reveals how people think & perceive
Learn the different language patterns that you can identify during communication & gain insights into thinking process
Learn a series of powerful questions that you can ask to clarify & even change perceptions
Learn the language of persuasion
Learn the communication model for negotiations & conflict resolution

Effecting Change & Influencing Shifts In Emotions & Perceptions
Learn how people experience emotional states
Learn to invoke emotional states & remove negative states
Learn how perceptions are coded in the mind & how to change the coding to change these perceptions
Learn methods to generate awareness & shift people from being at effect side of life to cause side of life (from victim mentality to responsibility mentality)
Learn how people perceive time & how it impacts their working style

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