• Meet Anil Dagia

    Meet Anil Dagia

    - Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming
    - Trained in South Africa by Dr Terri Ann Laws
    - Creator & Master Trainer of Emotional Fitness GymTM
    - Trainer Member of ANLP CIC, UK
  • Unconventional, No Box Thinker

    Unconventional, No Box Thinker

    - Probably India's Most Innovative NLP Trainer
    - 1st NLP Trainer in India to offer NLP based trainings in Online mode
    - The 1st NLP Trainer in India who has successfully created unique NLP Application training programs
  • Trainer Who Does Not Use Powerpoint

    Trainer Who Does Not Use Powerpoint

    - Trained/coached over 7000 people across 11 nationalities
    - Conducted Trainings in Dubai, South Africa & India
  • Highly Recommended

    Highly Recommended

    - Watch Video testimonials
    - More than 2000 skill endorsements on linkedin Read More
  • Interviewed by Times Of India

    Interviewed by Times Of India

    - Interview published on Front Page in Times of India - Pune Times dated 18-Oct-2013
    - India's most widely read English newspaper with an average issue readership of 76.5 lakh (7.65 million) !! Read More
  • Interviewed by Mid-Day in Sep-2013

    Interviewed by Mid-Day in Sep-2013

    - Interview published in Mid-Day dated 27-Sep-2013
    - The most popular daily for the Young Urban Mobile Professionals across India Read More
  • Interviewed for 2nd time by Mid-Day in Jul-2014

    Interviewed for 2nd time by Mid-Day in Jul-2014

    - 2nd Interview published in Mid-Day dated 10-Jul-2014
    - The most popular daily for the Young Urban Mobile Professionals across India Read More
  • Interviewed by MJ Shubhra of Radio One 94.3 FM in Nov-2013

    Interviewed by MJ Shubhra of Radio One 94.3 FM in Nov-2013

    - Interview aired on Raio One 94.3 FM on 27-Nov-2013
    - The most popular FM radio station across India Read More
  • Sample Client List

    Sample Client List

  • 1st ICF + NLP Dual Certification In One Training

    1st ICF + NLP Dual Certification In One Training

    - 1st NLP Training in India to be approved by ICF
    - Option of Distance Learning available through partnership
    - (disclaimers apply) Read More
  • Practical NLP that you can use in the Boardroom

    Practical NLP that you can use in the Boardroom

    - Probably the only NLP trainer in India who focuses on NLP that you can use
    - Does not focus on Therapy or Classroom Only type of learning Read More
  • Emotional Fitness Gym

    Emotional Fitness Gym

    - A unique model blending the fields of Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence, NLP into a Fitness model Read More
  • Neuro Linguistic Influence

    Neuro Linguistic Influence

    - There is no way to NOT influence & there is a neurological basis to this.
    - A 1 day training program that brings the SIMPLEST, the BEST & the MOST EFFECTIVE tools of NLP that you can use Read More
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Testimonial - NLP Training in Pune, India

Testimonial - NLP Training in Pune, India

Why You Must Attend NLP Certification Training?
NLP has become a much sought after professional certification. Several MBA schools across India have introduced NLP as part of their curriculum.

Organizations consider NLP as a highly desirable qualification especially if you are in the role of HR, Training or any other role requiring you to manage people directly or indirectly.

Following are some of the roles where NLP skills are highly desirable:
- Organizational Change Management & Culture Change Management
- People Engagement
- Training & Development
- Management & Senior Management
- Sales & Marketing
- Corporate Communications & PR
- Media & Advertising

In the field of Life & Executive coaching or therapy, NLP is an invaluable skill. If you are in this field or thinking of getting into it, then you MUST have an NLP qualification. NLP has established itself as one of the most powerful behavior change technologies using which you can help your client create long lasting & empowering change and improve your success dramatically.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Obtaining Your NLP Certification From Anil Dagia


Individualized, Personalized & Customized Training

Every training is customized to meet your specific needs. When you register, you will be asked to fill up a detailed & thought provoking questionnaire. Previous participants have reported that they have taken up to 5 hours to fill the same & doing so in & of itself has generated tremendous insights for them.

No ICF Certification

During this training you learn how to use NLP in different contexts. However, ICF certification, is not included in this training in order to make it more economical for you to attend.

Note that the option to upgrade to an ICF certification at a later date, is available to you.

Practical & Result Oriented

While other people claiming to be trainers of NLP audaciously cheat you with either an overdose of powerpoint presentations or some nonsense like "we will teach your subconscious mind", Here, you can learn to master every bit of NLP in a way that you can get your desired result in any chosen area of your life.

If you are a trainer, you will learn to incorporate your knowledge into creating value in your trainings which will earn you more money than you used to.

Stringent Assessment Criteria

Paying your fees & attending the training does not qualify you to receive your certificate. The assessment criteria to fulfill is very stringent & comprises of not just attendance but completion of homework assigned to you at the end of each day of training as well as a case study discussion to demonstrate your competency. Failure to meet the criteria in full will result in your certificate being withheld.

Complimentary Life Long Support

You will have unconditional & complete lifetime support in your endeavors to apply what you learned during your NLP training course with Anil Dagia

This Training Is Not An Entertainment

This training focuses on you making the changes that will help you achieve the results you desire. Hence the training is designed to be quite intense & does not provide any entertainment like singing, dancing etc.

Complimentary Life Long Access To Resource Library

You have a lifetime access to a library of NLP resources comprising of tonnes of books as well as over 650 GB in e-books, audios & videos including some of the rarest of rare books & videos.

Limited Opportunities To Attend This Training

Since the training is highly customized to meet the specific needs of each & every participant, batch sizes are limited to not more than 10 participants. Hence you have a very limited opportunity to find yourself attending this training.

Highly Recognized & Credible Certification

The certificate you will receive is a professional NLP certificate with which you will be eligible to apply for a membership with ANLP (UK), the only umbrella organization that offers impartial & independent advice & supported by many internationally renowned innovators in NLP including Steve and Connirae Andreas, Judith DeLozier, Robert Dilts, Charles Faulkner, Steve Gilligan, Christina Hall, L Michael Hall, Tad James, Bill O`Hanlon, Frank Pucelik and Wyatt Woodsmall. This means that no matter where you go in the world, your certificate will be recognized by the appropriate NLP associations.

Furthermore, the content of this training has been approved by International Coach Federation (ICF) as Coach Specific Training, making it the 1st ICF+NLP dual certification course, a feat which no other NLP trainer has been able to do before Anil.

You Won't Be Brainwashed

Plenty of people claiming to be NLP trainers brainwash their participants to become their blind followers despite the embarrassment of not being able to apply any of their knowledge. The training you will receive here will focus on developing you as a individual rather than a blind follower.

Skills You Will Develop
- Critical questioning
- Lateral thinking & Creativity
- Negotiation & Conflict resolution
- Emotional Intelligence
- Manage emotional states (self & others)
- Persuasive communication
- Develop the Success Attitude
- Precision goal setting
- Deductive observation skills (like the legendary Sherlock Holmes)
- Instantly connect with anyone & everyone
- Conversational leader
- Story telling
- Multi Dimensional problem solving
- Time management

Results You Can Expect
- Gain more social popularity
- More power in your public speaking
- Greater success in your profession
- Achieve results that were previously difficult
- Be more in control of your life
- More people start liking you & getting drawn to you
- Fulfillment in relationships
- Financial growth
- Greater happiness
- Healthier mind & body
- Confident attitude
- Overcome shyness & fears
- Develop new habits

How & Why Is NLP Relevant To You?
Read My Blog Post – Click Here

Does NLP Work?
Read My Blog Post – Click Here

8 Organizational Success Stories of NLP
Click Here - to read about 8 Organizational Success Stories of NLP.

What Is Neuro Linguistic Programming?
NLP is a very vast field and hence the use of a metaphorical analogy helps in explaining this field in simple terms.

Electronic gadgets come with User Manuals so that you can learn how to operate the gadget and extract the maximum benefit from it. The manual provides “How To”’s so that you know how to get a certain result with the help of the gadget.

Simply put, NLP is the user manual for our mind.

NLP is the practice of understanding how people organize their thinking, feeling, language and behavior to produce the results they do. NLP provides people with a methodology to model outstanding performances achieved by geniuses and leaders in their field.

Different Levels Available In NLP Training

1st Level – NLP Practitioner Certification
This program is the 1st level. By doing this course, you are already putting in the foundation for your future studies in NLP.

In this course, you will learn how to apply the techniques that are taught in this course to specific areas of your life.

Upon successful completion of this course, you become certified as Practitioner of NLP.

Traditionally this course used to be 15 days in duration. . But by using accelerated learning techniques, this course can now be completed in 7 days.

2nd Level – NLP Master Practitioner Certification
The amount of information to be learned in NLP is so large that packing all the information of NLP in any one program would result in a huge information overload.

Some of the things you wish to use NLP for may not be covered in the Practitioner certification course but rather in Master Practitioner certification course.

The Practitioner certification course, while being a complete program in & of itself, but it is still 35 – 40 % of the entire body of knowledge of NLP.

To get this second half, you must attend the Master Practitioner certification training.

At Master Practitioner level, you build upon the foundation that you will be learning at the Practitioner level as well as learn the rest of the techniques.

Traditionally this course used to be 20 days in duration. But by using accelerated learning techniques, this course can now be completed in 12-15 days.

3rd Level – NLP Trainers Certification
At this level, you learn how to develop your own programs & teach people NLP at the level of Practitioner & Master Practitioner.

The trainer’s certification course also shares with you how to apply the techniques from Practitioner & Master Practitioner into influencing the masses.

Many people attend the NLP Trainers certification course with no intention of running their own courses in NLP but rather, they want to become the most persuasive & inspirational speaker they can be. If that is in your future, you must seriously consider doing a Trainers certification course.

Traditionally this course used to be 20 days in duration. . But by using accelerated learning techniques, this course can now be completed in 15 days.

4th Level – NLP Master Trainer Certification
At the Master Trainer certification program, you learn how to trainer trainers in NLP. As a Master Trainer of NLP, you can certify people at the level of Practitioner, Master Practitioner & Trainer.

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